Visualization Excercise


A key part of the entry-point for Pathways has been to provide a space to take just a moment to think about what you imagine a better future could and should look like. What is it that we imagine we’re each working so hard towards? What does the future look like if we each accomplish our goals? The only way we can help you identify a personal path forward (which is why we’re here) is to have an idea of where you think things should end up.

We want you to think about this and write down notes, thoughts, and ideas as you listen to the audio file below. This will help us work with you to create a personalized civic vision statement. The prompt that we’ve provided people is as follows:

In the ideal future democracy, society or world that we each envision, what are the kinds of civic roles, values and principles that individual citizens need, so as to sustain that vision?

There is no idea too specific or abstract, nothing too short or long term. As you imagine the prompt above, and think more about it as we walk you through a few different scenarios, we want you to list everything that you think of. Don’t worry about listing too much, it’s generally easier to edit and condense later than to try and remember something important that you didn’t write down at the time.

When we speak one-on-one, we’ll go over this with you and edit and format the notes into a vision statement for use in subsequent activities.

You can enter your notes in whatever way is easiest (often people just use a word processor or online document platform like Google Docs). We just ask that you share them with us before your next call so we can be prepared to work on them with you.

This process should take about 15 minutes.