Pathways 2017 Kickoff

About our Pathways Conversations

On January 21st, we began a series of conversations across the country with a diverse group of Americans. We provided a space for them to come together to talk about what a better civic future in America might look like.


In regions around New York, Boston, DC, San Francisco, Raleigh, Kansas City, Atlanta, Chicago and more, almost 100 of us got together, shared a little about what drives each of us towards the work that we do, and work we want to do. We then began laying out what a better civic future society in America is - one in which trusted and effective public institutions are sustained by citizen leadership. Groups discussed what key elements make up at that citizen leadership and why they are important. Those conversations will help lay the foundation for working with individuals one-on-one to help them identify their most effective way to make  large-scale change.

We have also hosted over two dozen online small-group conversations so far, connecting nearly 100 people in different parts of the country to each other to meet, learn, discuss and lay out a vision for a better civic future.

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Pathways is an individualized program to help more Americans discover and successfully implement their own civic leadership plans. We start by asking participants to identify a broad vision statement about the future of our country and citizen leadership and then ask participants to work towards identifying specific goals through comprehensive stakeholder and “mapping” exercises, eventually producing a proposal to meet one of those goals with groups of other Americans from different backgrounds. These proposals will seed comprehensive workshopping at an in-person convening later in the spring to further develop the proposals, flesh out personal life goals, and ultimately to equip participants to identify and begin work on a personalized and strategic plan for long-term, independent and impactful civic service - their Pathway.

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